The Young Nigerian is an Inspirational media platform focused on the Nigerian Youth – to share with the world, inspirational success stories of young Nigerians of different backgrounds and vocation. The average Nigerian Youth is Smart, Creative, hardworking and prepared to make the best of opportunities. The Young Nigerian Show provides a platform for people of like minds to share their achievements and in the process attract more opportunities.

The show captures the “journey to success” of featured young talents, highlighting their methods, acquisition of the skill-set, family background, and so on; in order to provide the viewers with direction, in additional to inspiration. The show continually cuts across a broad spectrum of vocations so as to increase the possibility of impacting lives.

It is packed with the journey of the average yet extraordinary Young Nigerian who has embarked on a journey of discovery. We understand the power of a testimony, especially how it can stimulate the human mind to reproduce and build on existing concepts. Through visual and social media, we take on the task of renewing the minds of young Nigerians all over the world. In addition to this, we work on providing insight to opportunities, for young Nigerians, in various sectors of the Nigerian economy with the aim of reducing unemployment in the country.